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25 Uses for Personalized Tote Bags

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Tote bags have been a trend in branded promotional items for years, so we’ve all got a stash of them hanging out at home, and maybe a few in our cars. While it is easy to collect various personalized tote bags, knowing what to do with them is a completely different story. Here are 25 ideas for creative ways you can use your horde of bags.

  1. Use your tote bags as grocery bags! The trick is to remember to take your bags with you when you go grocery shopping. Eliminate plastic waste, and find a use for your cloth tote bags!
  2. Use as a gym bag. Tote bags are easier to wash than a traditional gym bag., and you can keep unnecessary items from cluttering up your space.
  3. Laptop carrying case. Use a personalized tote bag to carry your laptop around for a more casual style.
  4. Farmer’s markets! Take your reusable tote bags with you to your local farmer’s market for a convenient and easy way to purchase and take home produce
  5. Pet Carrier. If you have a small pet, make sure your tote bag has strong handles, and use your bag as an easy way to transport your furry four-legged friend around town.
  6. Extra luggage on vacation. Take a tote bag stuffed in your suitcase so that you’ll have extra luggage to be able to bring home all of your souvenirs!
  7. Garbage bag. If you have a desire to pick up your community, take a tote bag with you to pick up trash along the side of the road. Just be sure to wash your bag when you get home!
  8. Donations. Use a tote bag to contain all of your donations, and once full, your bag can become part of the donation!
  9. Purse for dress-up! Let your little girls use extra tote bags around the house as a dress-up purse. Tote bags are harder to break, and she’ll be able to collect all her stuffed animals and toys to take with her!
  10. Book bag. Use your tote bag when you loan books to friends. Deliver books in a tote so they are all contained, and harder to lose.
  11. Beach bag. Turn your unused totes into a beach bag. They’re easy to wash to remove sand, while not having to worry about getting stained by sunscreen or stolen. This makes tote bags an attractive alternative to expensive beach bags.
  12. Laundry bag. Use a tote bag to transport laundry to ensure that clean laundry is returned to its rightful location.
  13. Lunch bags. Trade out your paper lunch sacks for a reusable tote bag that is eco-friendly and will save you money over time.
  14. Perfect solution for teachers. Tote bags are great for teachers to be able to take papers home at night to grade.
  15. Diaper bag. Totes make the perfect diaper bags! They are easy to clean and hold a lot more than you might think!
  16. Craft projects. Give your kids a tote bag and some fabric paint and see what they can create!
  17. Use a tote bag to deliver dinner or baked goods to sick neighbors or friends.
  18. Storage. Use a tote bag to store your nice purses inside to protect.
  19. Junk bag. Take an old tote and use it as an easy way to store odds and ends, such as bows, tape, smaller bags, etc.
  20. Costumes. Kids love to play dress-up using costumes. Store costumes in different tote bags so that they are easily accessible to kids, as well as easy to put away.
  21. Toy storage. Totes make great storage solutions for small toys, such as Legos, cars, and blocks.
  22. Gardening. If you are an avid gardener, consider consolidating your commonly-used tools into a single tote bag that is easily carried from one garden bed to the next.
  23. Pet Pillow. Take an old tote bag, fill it full of raw beans, and sew it shut. It’s an instant and affordable pillow for your cat or small pets to enjoy!
  24. Linen storage. Storing unused sheets and linens inside cotton tote bags will keep your linens free from wrinkles, and will be easier to stack when not in use.
  25. Car storage. Hang a tote bag over the back of the headrest, creating storage for those in the back seat.

As you can see, there are many ways that personalized tote bags can be used! The possibilities are endless, so get creative and find unusual ways that you can use your various totes in your day-to-day adventures! And if you are looking for a new one to add to your collection, or need a cute gift for personal or work purposes, QuickShip Promotions offers tote bags that are fully customizable to fit your needs! Check them out today!


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