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9 Alternative Uses for Personalized Wedding Can Coolers


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When thinking about what would make the perfect wedding favor, there are millions of options that you could consider. The choices are endless, but finding the right gift that is easily personalized, practical, and that your guest will continue to use long after the “I Do’s”, can be a challenge. That is, until personalized wedding can coolers came about!

Drink can coolers are great for summer weddings. Your guests are going to need a way to keep their drinks cold while they are celebrating all of the festivities with you and your hubby. But, what are your guests going to do with a can cooler after the wedding? Unfortunately, many branded can coolers end up at the local dump or thrift store. Before you throw out your stockpile of can coolers, however, here is a list of 9 alternative, practical uses for can coolers!

  1. Prevent shaving-can rust rings in the shower.
    1. If you are one of those people that stores your shaving cream in the shower for convenience, chances are that you’ve also experienced the struggle of the little rust rings left behind from the can. Place your shaving cream inside a drink can cooler, and rust rings will quickly become a thing of the past!
  2. Store light bulbs.
    1. When looking for a solution on how to store light bulbs without breaking them, we suggest using can coolers! A can cooler is the perfect size to store a light bulb to prevent it from breaking. As we all know, light bulbs are delicate and fragile—therefore, they break easily. Protect them with the soft fabric of a can cooler!
  3. Use as a smudge protector.
    1. For artists, smudges are the bane of their existence. Artist AC Osorio came up with the idea of using a can cooler as a smudge protector when working on various art projects. Creating your own smudge protector out of a can cooler is easy. All you have to do is follow two simple steps. Start by cutting a thumb-sized hole in the side of your can cooler. With the new thumb hole in place, fold the bottom of the can cooler in half so that when you slip your hand in, the bottom will fit between your middle and ring fingers! Voila! No more smudges!
  4. Sun protector for car parts.
    1. In the hot summer months, there is nothing worse than trying to drive your car when the components are too hot to touch. To rectify this dilemma, slip a can cooler over the gear shifter in your car, in order to protect it from the sun, and keep it cool to the touch.
  5. Store DSLR Lenses.
    1. If you’ve ever purchased DSLR lenses, you know just how expensive they can be. That being said, photographers will go to great lengths to protect their lenses when not in use. A can cooler is an effective and affordable way to store and protect lenses In storage. Why spend an extra chunk of dollars on a case for something you already paid a fortune for?
  6. Protect flooring while moving furniture.
    1. When rearranging furniture, be sure to protect your flooring. Heavy furniture can be difficult to move, and can damage hardwood floors, not to mention it can be extremely difficult to try and slide across carpet. Slip can coolers on the legs of your furniture to protect your flooring, and make your heavy, awkward furniture easier to move!
  7. Use to store large posters.
    1. If you have large posters that you are trying to store, but don’t have a poster container on hand, never fear! Simply roll up your poster like you would normally, and slip a can cooler on both ends! Viola! You have an instant solution to poster storage!
  8. Keep fruit from bruising.
    1. Many of us grab some form of fruit on our way out the door in the morning. There is not much worse than pulling your fruit out of your bag and realizing that it is bruised. Never experience this again! Place your fruit of choice inside a can cooler prior to putting it in your purse or bag, and head on your way with a piece of fully-protected fruit!
  9. Earring holder.
    1. Earrings are small and easy to lose, either one or both from a pair. In fact, most people probably have a small stash of earrings around the house with the other halves missing. Drink can cooler to the rescue! If you are looking for a way to organize your earrings at home, or a way to keep them safe when traveling, look no further than your stash of can coolers.

At QuickShip Promotions , we specialize in personalized wedding can coolers that are practical not only for your wedding, but for various uses after your guests have gone home! If you can dream it for your wedding, we can make it a reality! Check out our selection today, and get your customized wedding can coolers today! 

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